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ACP are proud to stock the full range of products from MAGLOAD, this unique UK based company are specialists in custom built shooting accessories and components. Made from high quality materials and with up most care and attention to high manufacturing standards. New products are coming out all the time and we will be updating the page when new equipment hits the shelves.

Fantastic items at great prices, with NO COMPROMISE to the shooter.






This shotgun cartridge caddy will hold shells in the perfect position to quadload with ease. From the overlapped rims to the specifically engineered 1.1kg magnetic release force, this product embodies the full force of our “No Compromise” philosophy.

It’s the flagship product of MAGLOAD. Designed from the ground up with design input from some of the UK’s best shooters.

All the hardest work went into the double quad loader, the flagship practical shotgun product that brought you MAGLOAD. When you’ve had enough of square wheels, try a MAGLOAD caddy.

The lightest release force on the market, but still with high shell retention. Kit you can put your confidence in when the buzzer goes. Adjustable to your needs with a single bolt per stack.

There’s no special movement or “snap” required to remove your shells. Just a natural, fluid and fast movement to give you an edge on the competition.

Comes with nylon spacers to enable a variety of mounting options on various mounting hardware such as Tek Loks, ELS clips and more.

Select either the Left or Right handed configuration dependent on which hand you hold the cartridges with.

MSRP £75






This will present a cartridge just outside the chamber which can be knocked in right after the buzzer on an empty start.

Whilst not our innovation, our take on this invaluable piece of kit gives you rock solid reliability and an effortless directional release. If you don’t have one, you probably should. Click on the 3D view above to learn more.

It’s a simple device – It’ll allow you to have a cartridge ready at the chamber mouth for an empty start.

Get the super smooth and fast option 3/Shot Saver reload you always dreamed of.

This version is supplied with self adhesive Velcro hook and loop fastening to allow it to be easily added and removed from the gun. The Velcro will need to be cut to size.

For a more permanent mount we suggest 3M Licence Plate double sided foam tape (not supplied).

You can even order bespoke colors. 

MSRP £15






This is an extended magazine release which allows you to drop a magazine with one finger from your firing hand, while using the other to grab your next magazine for a blisteringly fast reload.

Incorporating an extra control to operate the factory bolt stop which won’t interfere with normal function. It’s a no modification, fully reversible, drop in part.

MAGLOAD and ACP recommends this product is installed by a competent gunsmith. You can also order bespoke colors for you.

MSRP £20






The High Mount Kit contains some unique parts that will allow you to make the most out of your MAGLOAD Double Quad Loader. The end result is a loader that sits very high on the body, yet angled in to support the now leveraged weight of the shells.

The kit contains enough hardware to convert 1x Double Quad Loader:

  • 1x angle adapter
  • 1x extreme angle adapter
  • 8x hex head bolts
  • 8x washers
  • 1x MAGLOAD spanner (sold separately)

The angle adapter replaces the rubber or plastic washers you currently use to mount to your chosen belt clip. It will tilt the loader back towards your body to take the weight of the now higher mounted cartridges.

The MAGLOAD spanner is designed specifically for this purpose. In certain orientations the bolts at the rear cannot be accessed to be adjusted. In this instance you can use this kit to swap out the allen bolts for hex head bolts, then use this flat spanner to access all bolts from the side

Hex bolts are supplied for the aforementioned side access, and washers because you will undoubtedly lose some during the conversion! You can reuse old ones if you like.







Tool free and rapid adjustment for different cartridge lengths or caddy tension without even removing your belt.

This is a completely scratch built design made to fit all MAGLOAD caddies.

A kit contains a pair of levers which is enough for one caddy.

They are supplied pre-assembled for your convenience. Simply unscrew the 2x original bolts from the caddy (either the tops or bottoms based on your preference), screw the Quick Release Lever in part way, then cut the yellow retaining band with a sharp blade or scissors. Alternatively this band can be removed before fitting.

The levers will cam over and stop at the end of their travel, locking them in place and giving a consistent clamping force. Much lighter tension is required on the new bolts as the lever will generate a lot of force.